About Us

We are Surmanja infotech providing all kinds of solutions for your increased business growth. The Flagship product being MARGINIY: a word very new to the dictionary, aimed at increasing your business MARGINS. We believe that the Bottom line of any business is to grow its profit Margins. At Marginify, we focus on providing the latest technological solutions that the super successful global businesses are moving up to. With a little increase in cost (on web and mobile technology) the businesses are earning out of proportion profits thereby increasing their profit margins.

Marginify is the easiest way to boost up your business by making it online. It helps business owners set up their online shop, reaching global customers leveraging the power of the Internet & e-commerce to take their brand, and therefore, sales and profits to the next level. All our clients have access to our Success Squad, a dedicated team of ecommerce experts who will help you launch your store, promote your business globally and grow your sales.

At Surmanja infotech we have an undying and relentless pursuit of excellence and perfection, if we are unable to come up to the expectations of our clients we roll up our sleeves higher to make sure we under promise and over deliver.

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To INCREASE the BUSINESS GROWTH of Small and Medium Scale businesses across the globe through technological innovations.


To be among the top 5 IT Solutions providers in India.