Refurbishing Business

Refurbishing your business online

We provide you a platform to build an online store for your business…where you can sell your store holdings to your customers online…irrespective of their place…being online will enhance your market domain & stretch your pocket for greater income…

Forge your store

The online store you creating is forgeable as per you desire…its layout…store front…custom view…templates… sliding banners…what to sell and to whom…what is only as showpiece…every single action is in your control hence sensing you as boss of your online store even though you are not tech master…

Perceptive e-mails

Perceptive e-mails

Whether you are online or not…we send you notifications about your store of every action…so it will be easy for you to manage your time and feel free rather keeping a screen embedded in your visual peripheral…so don’t worryfor hectic schedule…we are here to reduce your workload…

Rapid editing/ omitting

When you are low in stock or want to edit some options rather than related to sales it just happens instantaneous as soon you command to amend…instead of taking a huge time…

Perceptive e-mails

Categorized products layout

This feature will help your customer and you for easy access at their desired product or place…as well as it will be helpful in tracking your inventory or stock…


This unique feature will help in creating an optimized products division under their respective categories…thus providing a faster navigation at desired places…easy access…

Products with description & ALT display

You are being provided to upload pictures and description about your product that will help your customer to visualize the product virtually…you may upload pictures of your product in one or more orientation…alt display will be providing magnifier look which will help them to watch pictures with zooming in mode…

Products permutations

Marginify is providing you a numerous variants options for your single product with respect to their sizes, colours, materials…these all permutations are self created through its software respective to the date fed to it…we provide additional facility to customize each variant option as per your desire…

On/off line products

We are providing a feature that will give you an option to make any product to be available for sale or just for the showcase…this may be called as enable / disable products…

Search engine optimized

The online store you have created is managed and created in such manner that it is compatible with search engines in order to provide your store an international online platform for customers…

Product Filter

Product Filter

We have an advanced feature by which your customer can filter product according to their choice like price and discount. Some time customer need to sort product according to product categories. This will enable them to sort and search product according to categories and price.

Product Variation

If you a product and these product have multiple variation like color, size, design and length etc or allow to looking your buyer to upload files. We are providing you this feature to create variation of product according to color, size, design and length.

Product Variation
Customize Order Status

Customize Order Status

If customer confirmed the order then you need to see an order status. The order status will auto accessed from their account page and will show in your Dashboard. Now you can access them proceeds ahead action like shipping.This helps you to manage inventory and customer satisfaction

Customer Management

Every merchant need to know about their customer and need to handle them .You can get contact of all customer and some basic information by which you can manage them. Customer information will need to be stored to remember any transactions via their account. You can also create a group of customer for bulk mailing and bulk Messaging

Customize Management